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Las Brisas Property Management was founded in 2008 to help institutional lenders, such as the largest financial institution in Puerto Rico, to manage and dispose of foreclosed commercial real estate assets during the 2008-2014 real estate crisis. Since then, Las Brisas has grown into a full-services firm capable of managing the complete real estate asset management function.

Today, Las Brisas serves more than 800 tenants in over 5 million square feet of commercial, office, retail, and industrial properties. And formerly served over 500 single and multi-family homes for the largest bank under its Rent to Own program. Las Brisas is the only local, Puerto Rico team with in-market, successful experience managing large commercial portfolios as a one-stop service. Las Brisas’ success is owed, in great measure, to an incredible team of professionals dedicated to delivering excellent service to clients and tenants alike.


What makes us unique? Las Brisas understands that each asset presents its own unique challenges and opportunities, so Las Brisas’ seasoned team seeks to become an integral part of the clients’ operations to achieve new levels of efficiency and effectiveness. Las Brisas’ “WOW” Super Servicio® experience means that the Team provides tenants, brokers, suppliers, and partnerships with excellent, efficient service where every claim is responded to with urgency regardless of its nature.

Las Brisas’ established team has experience in managing all aspects of real estate services, from developing budgets and forecasts to preparing monthly reports, from deploying capital improvement plans to managing tenant complaints, and to creating and executing leasing plans with the development of innovative ideas and property improvements to divesting properties. Las Brisas’ definition of “client” is broader than most. It applies to everyone involved with the asset: the investor, the tenant, the vendor, the broker, the neighboring communities, and the staff. Las Brisas is innovative, seeking to develop the most effective solutions for each client’s unique situations. From the moment that Las Brisas is retained, the focus is on achieving the clients’ goals.



$40 million in annual revenue managed for clients


$28 million in annual operating expenses managed


$8 million in annual CAPEX budget planning and execution


5+ million SqFt currently under management

90,000 SqFt of annual office space construction


100,000 SqFt in new leasing annually


800 total leases


15 large properties under management


37 company closings per month


Staff Training & Qualifications: Las Brisas is the only firm in Puerto Rico to retain multiple Certified Property Managers (CPMs) by the Institute of Real Estate Management. All project participants, management, sales, and administrative teams comply with established Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). All sales professionals actively participate in meetings, seminars, and trainings to manage an effective marketing and sales process including:

• Financial Models Evaluations • “Highest and Best Use” Trainings & Workshops • Cash Flow Analysis Evaluations ​• Return on Investment (ROI) & Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Seminars & Trainings ​• Brokers Price Opinions (BPO) ​• Prominent Property Signage, Digital Marketing Platforms, and E-mail Promotions



Since 2008, Las Brisas has successfully managed, in aggregate, over 5 million square feet of office, industrial, retail, commercial, and residential assets for well-known financial institutions and United States investors.

Amongst Las Brisas’ clients are institutions such as Banco Popular, Goldman Sachs/CPG REIT, Lone Star Funds, Capital Crossings, WM Capital Partners, Caprock Partners, and others.


5% Residential


Retail 10%

Industrial 40%

45% Office

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